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Alf's Travels
Travels with Alf
This is Alf
We are Al & Jane, a retired couple from Missouri.  Alf is our first motor home.  He is a 2011 37 foot Itasca Suncruiser.  He is named as a tribute to Jane's Dad, Roy.  Roy was a huge fan of Alf (the '80's TV character) and always wanted a motor home but never got the chance to have one.  We also dreamed of having a motor home and hitting the road when we retired.  Well, in 2010, with retirement looming, we started thinking about actually doing it.  What clinched it was a chance meeting with a couple from Canada (Gary & Carol) at Walt Disney World.  It turned out that Gary & Carol were retired and big fans of The Mouse (Mickey that is) and made several trips a year to WDW with their two Shelties and their motor home.  We talked to them about it and they convinced us to start looking for a MH when we got home from our trip.

After many months of deciding what type to get we decided on a Class A.  We found "ALF" at a local dealer in Gardner, Kansas (Olathe Ford RV) and the salesman, Billie Ray, was very helpful in getting us just the right vehicle.  He was also very patient with us and after several visits and much decision making we signed on the bottom line and Alf was ours (and the banks).  Naturally, since the whole point of getting a MH was to be able to take our two dogs, Nico & Smudge, with us on trips they had to have final approval which they did. 

We brought Alf home in February of 2011 and he filled the driveway.  Naturally we were a little concerned about snow plows taking Alf's rearend off and started thinking about where to store him.  Some said store him in the caves (Kansas City has many limestone caves that are used for storage).  Some said store him outside in one of the many storage lots in the area.  Some folks even said just pour a concrete pad and park him next to the house.  Finally a contractor friend suggested "just" raising the garage roof we already  had and park him inside at home.  Alf would be out of the weather and convenient at home for loading and unloading for trips.  It made sense to us, so we told him to go ahead and have it done when we got back from our maiden voyage to Orlando and the land of "The Mouse", Walt Disney World!                               
Full Length slide on driver's side
Full Length slide on driver's side
Bedroom & Living room slide on passenger side
Dining Room
Living Room
Alf also has a Master Bath and a Guest half bath.  When all slides are open he has about a 12' foot by 12 foot forward living area
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