Introducing "BOO".  Boo is a 13 week old Black American Cocker Spaniel.  She is named after the little girl, Boo, from the movie Monsters, Inc our Disney name.  She came to us from Marcia Josyln in Mounds view, MN. On November 15-17 she went on her first "camping" trip to St Charles Missouri to visit with her mom and dad's "adopted son, Arizona Sundog hockey player Matt McCready.  This was a test run for her first long trip to Disney World next month.  She did great!  She is a very good rider and only had one accident in the coach.  the boys, being old hands at "camping" were very good with her and seemed pretty bored by the whole thing.  We had to improvise a place for her crate, but it worked out well.  Everyone did well being left in Alf for two hockey games and one dinner.  Most of Saturday was spent napping.  Sunday the drive home was very windy and neither the noise or the buffeting seemed to bother her - Disney here we come ready or not.
Seasoned "Campers"
Boo settled right in
Boo with "Uncle" Matt