Alf's Summer Vacation:
Alf didn't sit idle over the summer of 2011.  He was put into service various times.

In July we used Alf to take us to Minonk, Illinois to pick up Jane's Mom.  We parked in a vacant lot adjacent to Jane's aunt Beth's house.  We couldn't get close enough to her house to get water to Alf so we wentto Menard's in Normal, Il and bought another 150 feet of hose.  Lived off thegenerator(it was over 100 degrees so generator and A.C. were used during night and Alf was opened up during the day.  This was Jane's mom's first trip in Alf andI think she enjoyed sitting in the co-pilot's seat and seeing the vistas (floods mostly) from higher up.
Again in July, Al's aunt Gloria (ancient aunty) visited from San Diego.  since Jane's mom was here and using the front guest room Gloria suggested using Alf as a second guest room.  That sounded good to us and I pulled Alf out onto the driveway, hooked up electricity, water and satelite dish.  she was set!!!  She loved it!!!  Her own private suite.  We will have to remember that.
In August, Alf was enlisted to be the "official" tour bus for Bransen Ireland, an up and coming country singer from the area.  It was 107 degrees and there was not shade or any place for the band to get out of the heat, so "green room" was added to Alf's duties.  There was a distracting fair going on behind the stage so Alf was positioned behind the stage to block the view of the fair from the grandstands.