We are off to see the Christmas lights at Walt Disney World!!!  Al, Jane, Nico, Smudge & this time Jane's Mom, Iona

The motor home has been packed with care, with visions of Mickey's in the air.  The boys will dream of gator's and furry "friends" in the Fort. 
Day 1, Sunday, November 27, 2011

We left Blue Springs at 7:30 a.m. (a new record for early departure).  First stop, Panera's for coffee, pastry and bagels.  Weather is overcast, but no rain, another first.  Very little traffic early in the day.  We are trying Nico on 2 1/2 mg of Valium to see if that will settle him down on I-70.  Stopped for gas (doggie pit stop) in Kingdom City.  We have to stop at Nostalgiaville next trip!!
Jane, Iona, Nico and Smudge all settled in, while I pilot Alf down the highway.  This is ME time.
I think we are chasing rain down the highway, keep running into very light sprinkles, but nothing serious.  Stopped for lunch at Gateway rest stop in Illinois.  On the road again, everyone is watered and happy.  Got gas in Paducah @ Pilot station.  Met a "colorful local" who was real interested in Alf (how far can you go an a tank of gas, etc).  Checked into Duck Creek where we caught up with the rain (light showers).  They had over an inch of rain last night so the dog park is a sea of mud, the boys are very disappointed!!  Looks like an evening of wine, beer, 7&7, TV and the pitter patter of rain on the roof.  Played cards. 
Day 2, Monday, November 28, 2011

I woke up at 4:00, couldn't get back to sleep so I watched TV for a while.  Finally decided it was time to get this show on the road. and got the girls up at 6:00.  The boys decided to sleep until they heard "eat" mentioned.  Then they were wide a wake and ready to get on with the day.  Weather is cloudy, cold and a little rainy - other than that it was a beautiful day in Paducah.
Stopped for a little nourishment for the humans on board at McDonalds.  Weather not improving at all.  Looks like a long day on the road.  Lots of traffic, late travelers I guess.  Stopped for gas at a Pilot station and decided to rate service stations.  This one had the pumps parallel to the building.  Parking was perpendicular to building with one of the spaces blocking one of the pump islands.Naturally, this is the island that RV's can get into and there was a black cargo (no windows) van parked in that space.  Attendant looked for the owner of the van and finally decide that they were in the back.  A very  hard looking "lady" came out the back of the van and was really p.o'd at me.  she looked like she had been sleeping or something (working?) in the back and had been interrupted.  She moved and then we had to get out of the place.  It was a very busy truck stop and very poorly laid out, very difficult to get out of.  Rated it an F- (never stop here again!!) Had lunch at the Georgia welcome center.  Dog walk area is very muddy, so boys didn't get to walk much, maybe later.  Rain continues, traffic gets heavier, but we are that much closer to WDW!   Pulled into Atlanta South campground about 4:30 local time.  Directv can't find the satellite so no good TV tonight, tried the over air TV, still can't find a good signal.  What do the folks in Atlanta do for entertainment?  The campground is kind of down in a hole, so maybe the over air signals can't get down here, and there are a lot of trees so the dish can't "see" through them.  Played some cards,  ate dinner and walked dogs.  Maybe we will all just go to bed early and get up early so we get to WDW early in the day.
Me time, wake me up for dinner
Monday in Tennessee
Monday in Georgia
Day 3, Tuesday, November 29 (Jane's Birthday)

Tuesday dawned cloudy and a little misty.  Not as cold as we thought it might be.  Got up late (must have been tired from Monday).  Got dressed and headed out looking for gas and nourishment.  Stopped at McDonalds again - consistent food and convenient.  We found an awesome Flying J gas station at mile marker 202 on I-75 in Georgia.  Huge parking lot easy in and out pumps.  A definite stopping place for future trips.  This place rates an A+  in our book.  It also has a 24hour Denny's and it looked like even overnight parking.  Sun came out just before crossing into Florida, what a welcome site.  Made the obligatory stop at the Florida Welcome Center so Jane's Mom could have some FREE orange juice.  Stopped at Eagle's Roost RV Park to get propane tank filled since we had been running the gas furnace for 2 days and nights and the tank was down to half.  I wanted to have a full tank when we left WDW in December. Decided to let the GPS take us in the "back" way and arrived at The Fort about 4:30.  Apparently some confusion as to where to put us.  The place is packed!!!  We were hoping to get site 708, but the best they could do is a site in the 1000 loop. Convinced the girl to let us move to a site in the 700 loop in the morning. Finally got settled in 1022 and went down to Trail's End for dinner and a drinky-poo.  Saw a baby armadillo next to the cart path on the way down to the Settlement.  It was kind of cute actually. After dinner we had to stop at the Settlemnet Trading Post for batteries and some "shopping", the first of many Disney shopping excursions to come. Then,back to the RV, got the over the air antenna up and watched a little TV then off to bed.
Tuesday morning - Florida, the sun at last
I bet the FDOT vehicle inspectors have a goodtime with this one - very thorough inspection!!!
Almost "home"
Just one more corner....................
Day 4, Wednesday, November30:

We slept in today, nothing pressing this morning.  I went over to the Meadows trading post to get a paper.  Went inside and saw a couple of things I "needed", a Fort Wilderness tee shirt that they hadn't had before.  Then they had a fiber optic Christmas tree (needed that for the RV). So I guess I broke the ice in the shopping department.  We then went down to the main entrance office registration to check on our move.  After some discussion, we decided to wait one more day and move to site 705 on Thursday morning.  The three of us decided to take the boys on a walk along the canal to look for Fredricka.  They soon remembered where they were and loved to long walk.  The boys were "at home"!  We didn't see Fredricka, but we did see lots of "friends" (squirrels). We did get a couple of notices the boys were out side the safe zone of their TAGG GPS collars (www.TAGG.com).  I guess those things work. So, with a little more time to kill, we decided to go to pick up the rental car at the Dolphin Resort. The way to get to the Dolphin is to take a boat from the Fort to Magic Kingdom and then a bus to the Dolphin.  we just missed the bus and had to wait for the next one, when the dispatcher said to get on another bus and he would take us directly to the Dolphin - what Disney service!!  When we got to the Dolphin we went in to the Lobby on the way to the National car rental desk and in the lobby was a huge Christams tree.  We are planning on making the rounds to all the resort lobbies to see the decorations. After picking up the car, the plan is to go to the Marketplace for lunch at Earl's.  The place was packed!  I have never seen Earl's so crowded.  While we were eating we got a couple of texts, one from the couple who convinced us that RVing was the answer to our traveling with the kids issue, Gary and Carol.  They had arrived at the Fort and were waiting for their site to be ready.  the other text was from Bill Althaus, a good friend from home. Bill covers sports (Missouri Mavericks) for the local paper (the Examiner). He and his wife, son and mother attended a Mavericks function in our place and had a great time.  They represented us at the Mavericks player adoption dinner.  In the process they won a trivia contest for us, grand prize was a new Blue-Ray player (if I was still working that would be cause for donuts at work).  Prizes will be waiting at home.  Bill also attached a photo of the guys we adopted, Cole Ruwe and Gerry Festa along with Bill's wife, Stacy and his mother, "Bubbles".  After lunch we went to Winn-Dixie for some groceries.  We took groceries back to RV and decided that I would go to Camping World to get a few light bulbs and a porch light cover to replace the one that went missing during the night. On the way out, I stopped to say hi to Gary and Carol and their dogs Zak and Blue, Shelties.  Gary needed a part for his sewer hose so I said I would pick it up for him. Camping World had Gary's part,my light lens,but no light bulbs. They said to call Monday for light bulbs.  When I got back to the RV we decide to go the Captain's Grill at Yacht Club for dinner. We all piled into the car and headed to the Yacht Club. Two hour wait for dinner!  Went to Beaches and Cream instead.  On the way out we saw a couple of the pool life guards - all bundled up with stocking hats & sweat pants.  It looked very out of place.  We wanted some post cards so we went to the Beach Club gift shop to get some and saw this incredible, edible carousel!  the whole thing is completely edible!  One the way back to get the car we went through the Yacht Club lobby and saw their big Christmas tree.  We are going to have to rate the lobbies I guess.  When we got back to The Fort the girls wanted to drive around some of the loops to see Christmas lights.  There are some very elaborate displays!  When we got back to the RV we played some cards,watched some TV and hit the sack.  Tomorrow will be busy moving and setting up Christmas lights.
Cole Ruwe, Stacy Althaus, Gerry Festa & "Bubbles" Althaus.
Day 5, Thursday, December 1:

Since we didn't have anything to do until our site was available we just had a leisurely breakfast and waited for our site to be clear.  Finally, about 10:00, we got the okay to relocate.  It didn't take us long to move and get the basics (power, water and sewer)  Then it was time for some lunch.  After some nourishment it was time to set up all the decorations.  Jane went on a Fort Wilderness decoration buying spree at Home Depot, Lowes and Wal-Mart befor we left home.  Now it is time to get it all out and set up.  It took most of the afternoon, but it turned out pretty good - for first time disney decorators.  After dinner we took the boys for a well earned walk and met and chatted with Gary Cruise.  He and Carol have a huge display just a few sites down from up.  We are in the site that they like most - sorry Gary.  After the dogs were walked it was time to watch the Mavericks play the Dayton Gems in Dayton.  game didn't turn out the way we would have liked, Mavs 1, Dayton 4.  They play Dayton Friday again, this time at home in Independence.  We will have to make sure we are back from EPCOT in time for the game.  Hope the boys do better tomorrow.  After a disappointing game it was time for bed.  It has been a long day.  Tomorrow we go to EPCOT for dinner and the Christmas Processional.
Christmas tree at the Dolphin Resort
Totally operational edible Carousel at the Beach Club Resort
Edible Castle at Beach Club
Christmas tree at Yacht Club
Day 6, Friday, December 2:

Everyone kind of slept in this morning. Today is EPCOT day, lunch at Le Cellier and then the Candlelight Processional with Gina Davis.  But first, a trip to Staples for some clips for lights.  We remembered Staples as being a little closer to The Fort.  Anyway, got our clips and headed back to get Jane's Mom and head to EPCOT.  We took the car to the Beach Club, parked (learned that if you have a handicapped sign in  your car valet parking is free, cool) and walked over to EPCOT via the "back entrance". Picked up a wheel chair for Iona and had a little time to kill before lunch so we headed for Mouse Gear for some shopping.  I went over to Test Track, but the single rider line was 30 minutes long, I have never seen a wait that long at single rider lines!  We went back to LeCellier to sign in for lunch and still had to wait about 30 minutes to be seated..  Food was great!  The Cheddar Cheese soup is wonderful.  We used to be able to get some to go, but they don't have the containers anymore.  The Mac & Cheese is also wonderful, we could just go in for appetizers and sides, but then we would miss the awesome steaks. This is our favorite place to eat at EPCOT (maybe all of WDW).  We walked over the World Showcase to get in line for the Processional.  Show starts at 5:00, seating starts at 4:20 and the line is already long at 3:45. We waited by the fountain in front of the American Pavilion. After a few minutes Lonnie, one of the cast members) came over and asked where we were from and what our last name was.  We told him and he asked us to come inside, there was a call for us.  It was a call from Mickey wishing us a Happy Anniversary.  Lonnie then said there was a call for Jane, a birthday wish from Goofy - the magic never stops at WDW!  It was finally time for seating for the show so we went in and got comfortable. The last time we were here Roy Disney Jr. was about two rows in front of us.  The show started right on time at 5:00. and was terrific.  Iona said the orchestra was better than the Tucson Symphony!  After the show we quickly headed back to the RV, the boys haven't been out for over 6 hours!!  We got back and sure enough they had to go!  We set the computer up to watch the hockey game.
The game wasn't too  good - Mavs lost again!  Very disappointed and expecting some personnel changes coming up!  After the game, it was off to bed.  Tomorrow is a scheduled lazy day.
Christmas tree at EPCOT
Christmas tree at the American Pavillion
Candlelight Processional stage
Geena Davis
Day 7, Saturday, December 3:

We all slept in a little - 8:00.  Have some errands to run this morning so after some coffee we took the boys for a long walk and looked for Fredricka.  We think we spotted her at the very end of the walk area.  Good to know she is okay.  Then it was off to Wal-Mart for a few supplies and then we drove through one of the many outlet malls in Orlando just to see what they had.  Then it was a quick stop back at the RV to put stuff in the refrigerator and give the boys another cookie.  We decided to drive over to Port Orleans - Riverside and catch a boat to Downtown Disney Marketplace for lunch and some quick shopping.  The place is mobbed, we keep forgetting NOT to go there on weekends.  We had lunch at Wolfgang Puck's Express.  Good food, good service, we will come back.  After lunch I went up to Sousa's Cigars to get enough to make it through to May when we come back.  Jane went on a whirlwind tour of the World of Disney store.  Iona sat by the lake and watched people.  Our shopping done, cigars bought and people watched we took boat back to Riverside, checked out their food court and "General Store"  for you know, more shopping opportunities.  When we got home we took boys for a long walk they really enjoy those) and checked on Fredricka again, disn't see her this time.  As we were leaving the dog walk area we met Gary, Carol, Zak and Blue just coming in. The boys were crazy at first, but after meeting the Cruise "kids", everything was good.  We talked to Gary and Carol about their plans for the rest of the week and tried to arrange something.  We let their "kids" continue on to more important duties and headed back to our RV. We have dinner reservations for tonight at Whispering Canyon but no one is hungry, too much lunch!  Jane canceled dinner reservations and rescheduled for lunch on Sunday..  So we had a drink and got ready for tonight's hockey game against the Dayton Gems again.  Hope we do better tonight than the last two nights.  Jane checked the roster and Cole Ruwe is not listed! Panic set in, had he been released? Traded? I sent a text to Gerry Festa our other adopted player (injured) and didn't hear back for a long time, more panic.  reception is really bad tonight, computer is buffering  almost continuously.  It is very hard to watch the game.  finally Jane gave in and sent Cole a text.  He responded almost immediately, he had taken a really hard hit in Friday nights game and just wasn't feeling 100%, so Coach sat him out.  Whew, that was a relief!  After much buffering and many hours the game was over with a Maverick VICTORY!   And with happy thoughts in our heads, it was off to bed.
Riverside Christmas Tree
Pleasure Island Christmas decoration
Day 8, Sunday, December 4:

Another bright sunny day, slept in until 8:00, went to Meadows Outpost to get Sunday paper.
Kids wanted to go look for Fredricka again, so it was off to the dog walk trail for a long walk.  When we got back we found that Gary had been there - with a Mickey light!  These are all over the camp ground and I have the parts to make them at home, but haven't had the time.  Thanks, Gary.  I went down to thank him and chatted a while at his place, then we both came back to my place to have him show me how to change light bulbs, etc.  shortly Carol came by with Zak and Blue and we gave them a tour of our motor home.  Their kids and our boys got along just fine, once the boys met them.  We got a call from Nancy Dvorak (Andrew's mom, Andrew is the equipment manager for the Mavericks).  She asked when would be a good time to swap stuff we had brought down for them from Andrew and pick up things going back to Andrew from them.  We decided that 4:00 would be a good time for both of us at Downtown Disney.  About 11:30 we headed over to Whispering Canyon for lunch.  We took the boat and were there in no time.  We asked for and got a table in Chad's section.  Chad is our favorite Disney server.  Since we were kind of celebrating Jane's birthday, Chad brought Jane a Super-size diet Coke with her meal. We always have a great time when Chad is our server.  He has been there forever I think.  He is always full of surprises. This time the folks at his last table had left a bunch of Georgia scratch-off lottery tickets that he felt should be used somehow.  So, he brought out a string of Mickey stickers and had Jane stick all the tickets together and put them on one of the columns. After lunch we took boat back to RV and sat outside for a while - it is very nice today. At 3:30 we went to Downtown Disney to make the Dvorak switch. I felt like we should be doing this at midnight on some deserted road.  While we were waiting for them, Jane went down to Circ de Solei to get tickets for Tuesday night.  Both missions accomplished!  When we got back it was time to take the dogs for a long walk and think about what to have for dinner.  It was decided that everyone was on their own for dinner.  Time to eat up some of those left overs. We decided to go overto Animal Kingdom in the morning and maybe rent a boat to cruise around the lakes in the afternoon.  Then a little TV and off to bed.
Mickey light, Gary also made the Rope light Mickey on the fence
Jane with Super-sized diet Coke
Wilderness Lodge Christmas tree
Chad and lottery tickets
Day 9, Monday, December 5:

After the normal  morning chores (walk dogs, feed dogs, paper, coffee) we decided to finally go to a park.  Drove to Animal Kingdom Lodge to see their lobby Christmas tree.  Walked around the property to see if any of the animals were out - no luck.  Hopped a bus to the Animal Kingdom park.  Short ride and we were there.  Got a wheel chair for Iona (despite her protests that she didn't need one).  It was straight to the safari ride and there was only a short 15 minute wait.  Disney makes any line seem to go quickly with entertainment along the way.  At the safari ride it is videos of the savannah of Africa and the animals that live there.  The ride was probably the best we have ever been on.  Eric, our driver, was very informative and entertaining.  The best part was the animals were more active than we have ever seen them.

There were several babies this year, an Elephant an adorable Gorilla baby girl.  This was the very first trip we have seen the Lion actually awake!! Looking VERY majestic indeed.  Excellent trip to Africa!  When we got "back" to the real world we went over to the Lion King show at Camp Minnie-Mickey.  We grabbed a hot dog and ice cream while waiting for the show to open.  It was another fantastic show.  Lion King is always a great show.  We then caught a bus back to the A.K. lodge and got the car and headed back to RV.  We got back and found an envelope on our cart addressed to a "John somebody" in site 705. We will take it back to the Outpost so it can get to the right person.  We decided to make reservations for a carriage ride and then I took the envelope back to the Outpost.  Carriage ride was great.  Tracy was our driver and again, very informative about the Disney horses and their working hours.  The horses only work a couple of days a week and get all kinds of great food.  Tracy  is also a certified horse masseuse!  Came back to RV and had dinner - actually cooked at home!.  Also played cards.  It was getting late and everyone was tired so we hit the sack about 10:00.
Animal Kingdom Lodge Christmas tree
Animal KingdomPark Christmas tree
Day 10, Tuesday December 6:

Another great day, sunny, clear and warm.  We took the boat to the Contemporary Resort to start a trip on the Monorail to visit the Polynesian Resort, the Grand Floridian Resort and the Contemporary Resort to see the Christmas decorations in their lobbies.  The Contemporary had a ginger bread tree on the 4th floor and a massive Christmas tree out in front.  Next stop - Polynesian.  They have several trees most were average height, but one really nice one on the main floor.  Then we were off to the Grand Floridian.  This place is awesome. Not only do they have a great tree, but they also have a life size edible ginger bread store.  We had our picture taken in front of the Christmas tree in the lobby and  wandered around the lobby for a while.  As we were about to leave, we noticed that there was a bridal photo session beginning.  Real pretty Christmas themed wedding dress.  .We watched that for a few minutes and then went out and got the Monorail back to the Contemporary.  Did a little shopping on the way through to the boat back.  Jane and her mom stopped at the coffee bar in the lobby and we went out onto the patio to enjoy the beautiful day and wait for the boat back to the Fort. We took the dogs for a long walk and returned to the RV for a couple of hours.  We had lunch reservations at the Saratoga Springs Turf Club.  Real good food, very quiet, not very busy place.  This may be a hidden gem in the Disney dining group.  Since we were just around the corner from Downtown Disney we decided to return a broken Christmas ornament we had purchased in September.  Also,we needed to return a bobble head Mickey hockey player that we got at World of Disney that we had sent back to the Fort and arrived with a broken stick. No problem returning either one.  The clerk very "carefully" wrapped  the Mickey hockey player and I took it directly to the car so it wouldn't get broken in the crowds.  We went to Art of Disney to get a "Victorian"  Mickey and Minnie for the space over the new oven at home. They were out!!  Once again the adage "if you want it, get it when you see it" proved true. We did get a Mickey Santa for the same place.
Done at Downtown Disney, back to RV until 5:30.  At 5:30 we left for the Cirque du Soleil - La Nouba!  This is a great show. We have all seen it at least once and it is always good.  The part I like best is the little Asian girls with the spinning tops(?).  Great show.  Afterwards it was back to the Fort for some winding down and then to bed.

Contemporary Ginger Bread tree
Contemporary Christmas tree
Polynesian Christmas tree
Grand Floridian
Christmas tree
Full-size gingerbread house at Grand Floridian
Gingerbread house ingredients
Grand Floridian Christmas bride
Day 11, Wednesday, December 7:

We have been watching the weather and temperatures for the trip home and have decided to take a more southerly (warmer) route home, now just to find that route.  Spent some time this morning looking at routes and campsites and I think it is going to be a 3 1/2 day trip home.  Hopefully we get home in time for the hockey game on the 16th.  We are going to follow I-10 across the gulf coast to Lafayette, LA and shoot north from there.  At 9:30 we picked up Gary and Carol for a trip to register at Disney Property Control.  This is where discontinued, out of season, and just worn out Disney property and equipment ends up.  Everything from T-shirts to semi trailers is there.  We got some shirts and gifts.  Saw a lot of used vehicles that are going to be auctioned off.  Pretty cool place.  Gary says that the merchandise changes from day to day so you never see the some thing twice.  Fun place!  Thank you Gary & Carol. When we got back to the RV we took the boys for another long walk, they love these walks. Since it was about 86 degrees and sunny we decided to go down to the pool for a while before heading over to the Studio for dinner and a stroll to see the Osborn lights. We drove over to the Boardwalk resort and took a boat from there to the Studio. Very nice boat ride, we try to take advantage of the various Disney transportation means available (boats & monorail) to get into the parks to avoid the crowded buses.  The Studio was not too crowded so we got a wheel chair for Iona since the Osborn lights are way in the back of the park (long walk).  We had dinner at Hollywood & Vine, a restaurant we had never tried before.  It is a big buffet with a large selection of food, everything from New Zealand mussels to mac & cheese.  It was very crowded at 4:00, lots of kids! While we were eating the wind came up, the skies darkened and it started to rain.  We ate slowly hoping it would clear up so we could get back to see the lights.  No such luck, in fact the temp dropped from 86 to 68 in two hours. We decided since none of us was really dressed for cold weather we would try the lights on Friday night (even though there is a Mavericks hockey game Friday).  We joined the masses leaving the park and caught a boat back to Boardwalk and the car home.  We discovered a few days ago that if you have a handicapped card in your car valet parking is complimentary.  So we valet park a lot.When we got home it was still a little drizzly so we hurried to get the boys out and fed in case it started to rain harder.  A few days ago we had new neighbors come in, John & Betty, a couple from North Carolina that we met here in May. They were parked across the street from us then. They are staying until Christmas day.  They have two Rat Terriers, Mickey and Minnie.  We are starting to feel like a real part of the Fort community.
Boeardwalk Christmas trees
Studio Christmas tree
Day 12, Thursday, December 8:

Woke up to a chilly (cold) 50 degrees.  I guess the cold front went through during the night.
We decided to fix breakfast on the grill, bacon and eggs!  Well, the bacon was done on the grill, eggs were done inside where it was warmer.  A good hearty,warm breakfast in our stomachs and we were ready to go to Magic Kingdom.  We took a boat over and the first thing we did was board the Disney train and rode around the park, hoping to catch a glimpse of the new Fantasy land area.  They have the area pretty much closed in with green tarps so we didn't see much.  At one point we could see the top of the new princess castle, but that was it.  After returning to Main Street we headed off to Adventure land and the Jungle Cruise ride, then to Pirates of the Caribbean.  We took a short break to visit the Tiki room to watch the animated bird show.  It was getting warm so a Dole Whip was in order.  A Dole Whip is kind of like a pineapple smoothy, but smoother - almost like soft serve ice cream.  After a little pick me up we were off to the Haunted Mansion.  The line was incredibly long, we have never seen it so long - even at Halloween! Next it was time for a little history lesson so we stopped in at the Hall of Presidents.  These are incredible animatronics of all the U.S. Presidents.  On the way back to Main street we crossed a little bridge and there was the picture I have tried to get several times - the Castle and its reflection in the little pond in front of it.  As we entered Main Street it was time for the 3:00 parade, so we found a good viewing spot and waited.  At 3:10 the 3:00 parade came by.  Good parade, but short. After the parade Iona and I caught the boat back to the Fort, while Jane wanted to stay and do a little more shopping.  We had no plans for dinner so it was everyone for themselves as far as eating - cleaned up some leftovers. Jane was starting to feel bad, hopefully just a cold,so she went to bed early (after a healthy dose of Nyquil).
Magic Kingdom Christmas tree
Main Street decorations
Castle reflection
Day 13, Friday, December 9:

Jane woke up this morning still feeling bad, so we went over to the Walgreens walk-in Care Center.  We got in right away and saw Renee, a very nice nurse practioner.  She diagnosed a sinus infection and prescribed antibiotics and a nasal spray.  Back to the RV and back to bed for Jane.  She spent the day in bed, Iona and I did laundry.  We triedthe Mr. Steamy in the dryer and it seemed to work pretty well.  We had dinner reservations at California Grill in the Contemporary,which we canceled.  Instead, we worked on left overs.  At 8:00 it was time for the hockey game (Mavericks vs Quad City Mallards).  Reception was pretty good, very little buffering this time.  Mavs won in an overtime shoot-out.  Hope they can do the same thing at home Saturday night (Mavs vs Texas Allens).
Day 14, Saturday, December 10:

Jane still sick, stayed in RV and did laundry.  Ordered pizza for dinner from the Trail's End resturant here in theFort.  Watched hockey game (Mavs 3, Allen 5, Allen got two goals in the last two minutes of the game).  Then off to bed.
Day 15, Sunday, December 11:

Jane still sick, planned to stay in today. Have lunch reservations at the Grand Floridian Cafe which we canceled.  We also have tickets to the Very Merry Christmas Party which we will see what to do when the time comes.  Jane's cousin Bud and his wife, Gladys and kids and grandkids are here and we are supposed to meet them at the Magic Kingdom for the party.  Forecast is for rain and  that may have a major influence on what we do.  Bud, Gladys, Iona and I went to Trails End at the settlement for lunch, then they took boat back to the rest of the group at Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Stated to rain about 4:00, forecast is coming true!  By 7:00 it was raining hard so we decided to bail on the Party.  Instead, we watched a little TV and went to bed by 11:00
Day 16, Monday, December 12:

Jane still sick, we all are getting tired of it, especially Jane.  Lots to do today, Winn-Dixie run, return car and golf cart. And, take down and store all the X-pens, lights, rugs, and inflatable's.  Since it rained last night everything is soaking wet.  It took most of the day to get everything done, but we are ready to pull out in the morning.  Since Jane has been sick she has become a bit of a naturalist.  Since she has a little window by her pillow she has noted that in the tree outside her window there is a squirrel that is a lot of fun to watch.  She has taken some pictures of the little guy.
View out window
The tree
The squirrel in the tree.
Acrobatic squirrel
The boys watched, too
Jane thought she was feeling better and might be ready to travel on Tuesday morning.  Along about 11:30 p.m. she recalled one ride she hadn't taken so we thought we would try it.  All we had to do to make a "reservation" was call 9-1-1 and they, Reedy Creek Fire District, even came to pick us up.  They took us to the Celebration Hospital - For FREE!  No ambulance charge at WDW!  It seems that Reedy Creek Fire District ONLY serves Walt Disney World.  And since Walt pays a huge tax bill, they don't charge for emergency services.  Now if the hospital did the same thing.......  The doctor gave her a stronger antibiotic and something for her cough.  Took taxi back to the Fort, right to our site.  Disney also reimbursed us for the cab fare.  If you have to get sick, do it here!!  Got home about 3:00 a.m. and hit the sack.
Celebration Hospital E.R. exam room 12
Day 17, Tuesday, December 13:

Well we were supposed to leave this morning, but after last night we thought it better to extend our stay.  So, this morning I went back over to the Dolphin Resort (bus to the Studio,boat to Dolphin) to get another car, then to Walgreens to fill a prescription the E.R. doctor gave us, and then to McDonald's for some breakfast and back to the Fort. Gave Jane some new drugs and then back to the office to extend our stay for two days.  No problem with that,  Then call the three KOA's we are stopping at to change dates.  Whew, now I need a nap!  I guess getting stuck in WDW isn't the worst thing that could happen.  Maybe Jane will feel up to doing the Osborn lights at the Studio tomorrow night.
Day 18, Wednesday, December 14:

Well the fun never stops in WDW!  This morning Jane was still feeling bad (real bad) so we got in the car and went back to the E.R. The "Disney" E.R. is in Celebration Hospital.  It is more like a 5-star hotel that also offers medical services.  After many tests and X-rays it was determined that she has pneumonia!  So, they admitted her and she will probably be there for at least 2 days.  They have her on I.V. antibiotics and some pulmonary therapy.  This hospital is awesome.  Photos tomorrow.  Iona and I went back to visit about 3:00.  Free valet parking!  Huge rooms with balconies!  Can't wait for the bill.  Took the boys for the first long walk since Thursday, they loved it!  Had to extend visit until the 22nd, just to be safe.  Extended car also.  Did more laundry and disinfected everything.  Off to bed early.  Hope to be home for Christmas!!
Nico is worried about Mom
Smudge is too!
Day 19, Thursday, December 15:

Learning the way to the hospital pretty good by now. Went over to visit Jane, she is eating real food at least (she is eating better than we are).  Still hard cough and other issues. We stopped at Camping World on the way back to the Fort to get a porch light bulb and then back to RV. Took boys for a short walk and then Iona and I went to Trail's End for lunch, nothing fancy, but close.  Came back and did some more laundry.  About 4:00 we went back to hospital via Wal-Mart and stayed until dinner came. got home and took boys out, dinner, more laundry and then to bed. 
Typical hallway and waiting area
Hospital lobby
Hospital "mall" area
CT scanner disguised as a........ sand castle
Day 20, Friday, December 16:

Well, Jane is still in hospital.  We still can't believe this is a hospital and not a hotel. Docs think she may come home Saturday.  She is feeling better but still has some lingering issues related to the amount of antibiotics they are giving her.  I did more laundry andIona and I took dogs for a long walk.  We went to the outlet mall on the way home, just to look aroundand a changeof routine.  Had dinner at Trail's End then came to try and watch the hockey game {Mavs 1, Quad City 4).  Went to bed wondering when Jane was going to come home and what the heck happened to the Mavs.  Three weeks ago they were first in the standings, now they are 5th.
Hospital courtyard
"Neighborhood F" nurses station
Lighthouse in CT waiting area
Day 21, Saturday, December 17:

Jane feeling better, might go home today.  At 2:00 this morning they moved her to another room, this on in "Neighborhood F" room 254. This room is a little smaller, but nicer than the room in "Neighborhood D". She has been eating solid food and keeping it down, still getting antibiotics I.V. Iona and I have been going over each morning and afternoon.  When we are home we have been walking dogs and doing laundry and not much else. Jane not going home today, Dr wants good "clean" samples before he will release her, maybe tomorrow. Jane has been keeping track of long walks because when we get 75 yards from the RV she gets a TAGG (GPS) alert as to where they are, pretty cool system.  We have done some shopping (Camping World, Walgreens, Winn-Dixie, etc).  Today we had lunch at the Turf Club in the Saratoga Springs Resort.  Very nice place and great food AND not very busy.  The plan was to visit Jane in the afternoon, walk and feed the boys, watch some hockey Mavs vs Quad Cities in Quad Cities then go down to the beach and watch fireworks about 9:30.  Didn't happen.  Mavs lost again in the last few minutes of the game, and we were too tired to go to the beach, maybe tomorrow night.  On the way back to the RV we saw some examples of how creative some of the campers are.

Celebration Hospital/Hotel
This is actually a street legal vehicle, note the actual Western Flyer Rocket in the foreground
This is a modified golf cart
Bridge to Riverside Resort - just a pretty picture
Fort Wilderness Christmas tree
Reddy Creek Fire Station ("Taco Bell" station)
Minnie Mouse golf cart
Day 22, Sunday, December 18:

Sunday, we were hoping for an early discharge, didn't happen!  It is a beautiful day, sunny, clear and warm and Jane is still in hospital. Doc said if test results were good (negative) she could go home today.  Results are in and they are negative.  Nurse has been trying to get hold of Doc since about 10:00 a.m. He has notreturned call.  Iona and tried to go to Whispering Canyon for lunch - 75 minute wait, so we tried Earl's for sandwiches - parking lots are full, so it was off to MacDonalds.  Went back to hospital about 3:30 to visit and see if there was any progress in the discharge front.  Finally, about 6:00 the discharge papers were brought in and we were free to go - to the drug store for some prescriptions!  Then it was back to the RV for some TV and rest.  Everyone is tired (stress) so it was an early night.
Day 23, Monday, December 19:

Today is the last day here in WDW and Jane is thinking about trying to do the Osbourn lights tonight - depending on how she feels.  Jane made breakfast reservations at Whispering Canyon and Chad. Chad is incredible! He remembered that we were originally supposed to be there a week ago and he remembered what everyone was drinking. Said our good-byes to Chad, told him we would be back in May.  Jane had to do some last minute shopping at the Contemporary Resort so we went there after having breakfast.  By now Jane is feeling like she might be overdoing it so it was back to the RV for some rest, hoping to be okay for the Osborn lights at the Studio.  By 5:30 she was still a little weak so we thought some sugar might be good for her, Ghiradelli Ice Cream should do the trick.  Off to Downtown Disney and a hot fudge sundae.  Leaving tomorrow morning - early, so it was an early night for everyone.
Day 24, Tuesday, December 20: (We are now a week late in leaving). (UPDATE)

Up early, walked dogs (one last long walk) the we were out of the park by 8:20 a.m. Heading for Milton, Florida and Pelican Palms RV Resort today.  It is sunny and clear today, the roads are good and it is good to finally be on the way home.  I-10 in Florida is a long, straight, road lined on each side with evergreen forests and Pine tree farms. After about an hour and a half it gets very boring (sorry Florida, but you need some billboards or something along the road). It started raining about an hour from Milton so it was a pretty good day.  We did drive by Eglin AFB (one of the last projects I worked on in my "working" days. We arrived at Pelican Palms and found a very narrow one lane drive into the park off the main highway.  I don't know what we would do if we met someone coming the other way.  Pelican Palms is listed as having grass site, which would be fine, IF it hadn't rained over 3 inches in the last 24 hours. Most of the sites were flooded! Those that weren't flooded were saturated and made taking the dogs out rather unpleasant!.  WE decided to take Pelican Palms off our "favorites" list. We started looking at the next couple of days and decided on a route change.  Wednesday we are heading to Memphis and then to Kansas City. Might be homeThursday night.
Day 25, Wednesday, December 21: (UPDATE)

I woke up early this morning and watched a little "Crocodile Hunter" with Steve Irwin.  What a coincidence it was about hunting cotton mouth snakes and other nasty pests at Eglin A.F.B. Route change today, Mobile, to Jackson, Mississippi and then to Southaven Mississippi (home of the Mississippi River Kings hockey team)  More rain and rough roads. They had to engineer the roughness into these roads. Getting through Mobile was a complicated ordeal - lots of neighborhood streets - there must be a better way.  Jane planning next May's trip already.  Miles and miles of rough roads and still more rain. I am thinking about starting a campaign to get some of our funds that we are sending overseas diverted to a highway fund to fix some of these crappy roads. Finally got to Southaven and checked in.  Nice place with paved, level sites, but still raining.  Only distraction was we were apparently in the flight path of the Memphis airport (home of UPS) very busy until 10:00, then quiet until about 4:00 a.m.
Day 26, Thursday, December 22:

Since we have a relatively short day today (only about 325 miles) we had breakfast in the RV and got a late start (9:00).  More rain, but the roads improved a little.  From Southaven we just headed north on I-55.  Started seeing signs for Lambert's Cafe (home of throwed rolls) so Jane decided we needed a break from driving and some lunch.  Stopped at Lambert's , a unique place to say the least.  We hit St Louis just in time for rush hour.  I was a little nervous about St Louis rush hour traffic, but it was surprisingly light, maybe because of the holiday weekend.  We got into the campground about 5:30 and it was nice, no rain, level , paved sites and NO RAIN!  It had a restaurant (bar/grill) on site.  Jane's brother, Scott and his wife Tina came over to visit and have dinner (They live in Lake St. Louis, about20 mile away). Dinner was good (and close) and we had a good visit with Scott and Tina.  Headed back to RV and to a good night's sleep.  I have been real drossy lately and just put it off the the stress of long days driving in the rain on bad roads.  Discovered that this nice quiet campsite was also next to a busy railroad bridge that had long freight trains running across it at regular intervals during the night.  The campground was nive, but a little pricey ($54 per night, almost Disney rates!)
Day 27, Friday, December 23: (Final day)

We decided that if we left by 9:00 we could be home by noon.  Needless to say we were gone by 9:00!
Almost perfect driving conditions, no rain, good roads (never thought I would say that about Missouri roads), light traffic and almost sunny.  Drive was easy and before we knew it, we were backing Alf into the garage.  We put dogs in the house, plugged Alf into power and left everything else until a later time. Took a short nap and then off to a live hockey game!  Mavs WON 7-4.  I guess they were glad we were home, too.  After the game we went home and to bed.  I was exhausted and ending up sleeping all day Saturday.  We finally decided that the Aleve I was taking for a sore back is what was making me so tired.  No more Aleve!!!